About Us

Cornerstone Foundry Suppply (CFS) was founded in 2015 as the North American distributor for SEEIF Ceramic, a.s. 

As we continue to work closely with the foundries we supply, we have expanded our partnerships with other suppliers to meet our customers' needs.  In 2017, we started offering very high quality chaplets and foundry consumables produced by Vemek srl.

SEEIF Ceramic a.s.


SEEIF Ceramic, a.s. is a producer and supplier of traditional refractories and wide range of refractory ceramic materials, including services and consultancy related to their use by the customer.

Vemek srl.


Vemek offers the most extensive range of consumables and chaplets for foundry. We offer specific solutions for your needs: we put at your service our experience and our engineers to always find the best solution to your technical problems.

Together with you, we design a chaplet specifically designed for your needs, covering all steps of the process: from the design to the automatic construction of the equipment to realize it. We do everything in Vemek, to ensure the best quality control of all the productive phases. We ensure total control of raw materials and measures, with narrow tolerances to the point of meeting the needs of the most prestigious car manufacturers. We use statistical controls and 100% automatic controls, to let you get a reduction in waste and a higher quality. You can use thinner cores and realize more and more light and performing castings.

We have a wide range of foundry chaplets and core strengthening devices for engines (separator, core wires for water jackets) always readily available, allowing us to provide a real-time service anywhere in the world.